Almost There

I am going to be keeping this blog so that family and friends will be able to follow along on my experience in Georgia and keep track of what I am up to over the next three months. So what exactly am I up to? I am going to be teaching English as a volunteer in Georgia with an organization created by the Georgian government called TLG (Teach and Learn with Georgia The mission of the organization is to increase the English speaking abilities of young people as well as to create an intercultural exchange with the West. In addition to Americans there will also be Canadians, Australians and Britains in the program. I will most likely be the sole foreign English teacher at my school and will be teaching students from grades 5-12. The classrooms will have a Georgian English teacher that will be responsible for vocab, grammar, etcetera and I will be there to work with students on their conversational skills.

For the first 7-10 days I will be training in a city near the capital of Tbilisi. This will consist of language training (the official language is Georgian, although a lot of the older people speak Russian as a second language), teacher training and lessons in cultural differences (so I don’t unintentionally act like a jerk 🙂 ). After this initial period I will learn where I am going to be placed, that could be in one of the larger cities or a remote village in the mountains with few if any English speakers around. I would definitely prefer a larger town or city, but I am open to whatever and am sure it will be an adventure either way.

Currently I am at the airport in Istanbul waiting for the final leg of my trip. So far I have flown four hours from San Diego to Chicago with a stressful one hour layover, then from Chicago to Istanbul with a six hour layover and will shortly be taking a three hour plane ride to Tbilisi. Yup, I am pretty beat at this point. I am not sure how much internet access I will have in Georgia. Obviously, the more the better but it will be a little out of my hands. I am going to do my best to keep in touch and update this blog as much as possible. I am also going to change the look of it when I get some more time. Thanks for reading!

It turns out I could have brought a second checked bag, d'oh!



About the country not the state

I am teaching English in Georgia through the TLG program through December 23rd. It's fun.
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4 Responses to Almost There

  1. Aunt Gin says:

    Keep the info coming. So interestin!
    Aunt Gin

  2. Donna Dittman Hale says:

    Looking forward to following your adventures, Dan! Sounds like a very cool way to get to know the country you’re visiting. Wishing you all the best, =D

  3. Deb B. says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog!

  4. Shawna says:

    This is awesome Dan! I almost did this in Seoul, South Korea! Excited to follow your adventures!

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