Things have been going great so far. There are about 110 other volunteers, and everyone is very friendly There are definitely some characters mixed in, but I that isn’t too surprising. It took me until yesterday to catch up from jet lag, there were about 24 hours of traveling and it is an eleven hour difference from San Diego. It is was rough, but everyone here was going through the same thing and pretty much just powered though.

The first day we only had a medical check and an orientation meeting, and were able to walk around Tbilisi a bit, but since then it has been almost ten hours a day of classes. Some nights I have been going to a restaurant/bar with a bunch of other volunteers. Georgian nightlife is definitely a sight to see, but I will save that for another post. In the morning we have a general meeting with all of the volunteers, then break off into groups of 25-30 people and have a four hour class on intercultural training. After lunch we have a four hour Georgian language class, tomorrow we will begin our teaching methodology classes, learn about how are bank accounts will be set up and sign our final contracts.
The teachers have been great, but the classes definitely get exhausting after a while. I don’t know how much Georgian I will end up learning but I think if I can learn 20 or so basic words and short phrases as well as the alphabet I should be in at least okay shape. I guess I will end up seeing next week. We have two more days of classes and on Friday we learn where we will be placed and meet our host families. That will be kind of stressful but I am also looking forward to finally jumping into the experience. The rumor is that everyone from this group will be placed in villages in the Western part of Georgia. I am hoping that I will be in a larger village or town, but we’ll see. The Western half of the country is less conservative and the people are more extroverted, the climate is also warmer and more tropical (it is next to the Black Sea), so I would be happy to be placed there… and I don’t really have a choice, haha. Alright time to attempt to post some pictures…

Mt'k'vari River, a few blocks from the hotel

That might be the wrong name, don't quote me on that

Tbilisi Castle at Night

It's blurry but you can get the idea, the lady who is in front of me LOVES asking questions

Morning Class

Downtown Tbilisi

We are staying at The Hotel Bazaleti, it is actually really nice, the food is definitely getting a little old though

The Hotel Lobby

Learning the Georgian Alphabet

The Lobby Right now

Aw, hey 2001!!!

Wait? What?! Bush gets a street named after him.


About the country not the state

I am teaching English in Georgia through the TLG program through December 23rd. It's fun.
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7 Responses to Training

  1. James Dymond says:

    Great to read about more of your adventures…. enjoy it! Let me know if you swing by Europe at any point.


  2. Margo Longiaru says:

    Please send an update on the nightlife!!! Can’t wait to hear!

  3. Andrea says:

    Yay! You’re alive 🙂 I hope things are going well! And hey, don’t be afraid to post the “real” stuff on this blog. Or send it in a private email. Your choice!

  4. Dick Boisvert says:

    Hi, nice pics, keep them coming. I sent an email to you, let me know if you got it. Used both of your addresses. Dad

  5. Deb B. says:

    Looks like my cell phone.

  6. Charlene Melson says:

    Glad you made is there safely Dan. Looks like a beautiful city! I hope you have time to do a drawing of that castle while you’re there!

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