Back to School

I had my first day of school today overall it went pretty well, but my first class was a little bit stressful. To start the day we had a staff meeting, where they told me that one of the English teacher’s was absent. After the class the Science teacher (who speaks English) told me to come with her, we went into a class where she introduced me and spoke for about five minutes in Georgian, I assumed that I was just sitting in on her class, not the case. It turned out that I was subbing for the absent teacher’s eighth grade class, and was expected to give the full lesson using a book I had never seen before. I ended up doing okay I think, towards the end I just abandoned the lesson, and told them about where I came from and answered some of their questions (do you have a horse, do you have a rabbit, do you have a car, do you have a son…). After that, I ended up meeting with the woman who will be my co-teacher who seems very nice, I went with her to the third, fourth and fifth grade classes. All the kids were reasonably well behaved, but according to TLG they usually are at the beginning but start to test you out to see what they can get away with. I just might have to break out the old ruler when that happens! The littlest kids were really adorable, and were by far the best behaved. The building itself is really nice, and comparable to any school in America. I am definitely lucky in that regard, because I know some of the volunteer’s in other areas, are in really old dirty broken down buildings that don’t even have chalk boards that work, and only have out houses.

The kids all seemed to have clean clothes, and school books, so I am guessing that this community is solidly middle-class, which I also know isn’t necessarily the case in a lot of regions. After school I played soccer with a bunch of the kids from the school for an hour and a half (they were about 11 to 19 years old). I haven’t played soccer in about 20 years but I did alright and what I lacked in skill I made up for in size. Overall I’d say it was a good first day. One other thing, my co-teacher gave me my schedule and I am going to be having three 50 minute classes per day (!), I feel a little bad about that because I know that the Georgian government spent a lot of money for me to come over here. I am going to see if the other M.I.A. teacher wants me sit in on her class sometimes, or maybe I’ll try and get the kids to speak some English while I am playing soccer with them, that could be a good compromise…

I am going to post some more pictures to this post when I can, the internet connection is too slow, and my battery is dying.




About the country not the state

I am teaching English in Georgia through the TLG program through December 23rd. It's fun.
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