The Kiddos

If y0u have been following this blog up till now you might think that all I have been doing is traveling around. Not the case, I have actually been teaching five days a week. It has been a great experience, I lucked out and got a very modern school with great kids. Today was my last day, and I am definitely going to miss them more that I thought I would. As a whole they are super-friendly and very eager to interact with the resident foreigner, and for the most part are excited about learning English. I feel like on the average day I got about 500 hello’s and 100 hand shakes. It was kinda like being a politician w/mini-sized constituents.

tlg, students, georgia

The third grade class, they are really well-behaved

Fourth grade class, this class is pretty small which is good, I definitely feel like I get to know the students a lot better and in a smaller class and waste less time trying to get the kids under control

My co-teacher Eteri, she's great

Fifth grade class, they are really good kids but can get a little rambunctious at times

Fifth graders

Some of my students helping me carry a bag to the bus stop, which is also the entrance to a military base

Snowball fight! I definitely got hit a few times

Second graders

First Graders, they are learning the Georgian and English alphabets at the same time

These kids could be a handful, but they were some of my favorites

These kids could be a trouble, but they were some of my favorites

They loved the football!

They loved the football!

Watch out gogo!

Giorgi's mom made me a cake for my birthday

The teachers room

The teachers room

All smiles

All smiles

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Handing in homework

Handing in homeworkThe School, one of the newest in Georgia

Sixth grade class, they were really really eager to learn English to the point of being competitive about it

Christmas card from one of my third graders, 'mas' is short for teacher in Georgian...


About the country not the state

I am teaching English in Georgia through the TLG program through December 23rd. It's fun.
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1 Response to The Kiddos

  1. Dick Boisvert says:

    politician with mini-constituents, hmmm, rather a good insight I think.
    And might the more troublesome students be part of the attempt by the cosmos to regain balance?

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